The following words and music represent three genres of original songwriting.  But, as an arranger and composer, no genre or style is off limits.  Please enjoy and let me know if you or your band can benefit from my content. Thank you.

Vol 3 Original copy.jpg


  1. Euphonic Googolplex
  2. The First Cut
  3. Mirror, Mirror
  4. I am...It's Purple!
  5. On Cherry Street
  6. It's a Good Day to Die
  7. You Know (Me By Heart)
  8. Mad
  9. I Wanna (BuildMyArmsAroundYou)
  10. My Little Ones
  11. Stormking
  12. We're Not Getting Smarter



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Or...if you're old school, like me, you can relish the tactile pleasure of holding a CD (no vinyl...yet) and exploring all of the fun, secret information found inside.  Either way, it's all good!