It's a Good Day to Die

They came down out from the mountains
Of the forever snow
Nomad tribes searching for homes
In promised lands
Finally settling on these sites
In the days of Jesus Christ
Finding life before Columbus ever lived

Ancient words spoken by old men
Sitting round the fire
Giving thanks to the fathers and the sun
May the hunter prove his worth
May the corn rise from the earth
May the old ones pass in peace into the land
      It’s a good day to die
      It’s a good day to die
      It’s a good day to die
      For the eagle in the sky

They believed in living forever, so the stories tell
Taking care to honor the life that shared in their own
As the great Mandala turns
May the children one day learn
To give back unto the earth that which they took

Broken words given by white men were the promises
As they pushed the Indian out to call it their own
From the shores of Hudson Bay
To the Rocky Mountain Way
Singin’ this land was made for you and for me


She was called the child of the moonlight
When she came to me
Not a word could echo the soaring of our hearts
On the day she passed away
There were none left ‘live to say
‘Cept the one who wandered alone back to the snows
(Chorus repeat and fade)