David Dickow is a lifelong creative content producer of music, lyrics, and manuscripts who resides in the Chicago area.  Skilled at creative writing and production management, the richly original environments he constructs transcend to most media.  Anyone interested in building commercial success from the talents of his deep, culturally immersed background is encouraged to explore these links and ask him about…


  • Original songs for artists/performers (You make it a classic!).
  • Original soundtrack music for movie producers.
  • Content for many areas of advertising– online, television, radio, product promo, etc.
  • Collaboration.
  • Consulting.


David is a content provider.  Plain and simple, if you or someone you know seeks any of the above or related offerings, get in touch now.  THANK YOU!

Email: dave@daviddickow.com

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Illustrated by Ben Ziola

Illustrated by Ben Ziola


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Children's Books
Graphic Novels
Lesson Plans/Design


Email: david@greenmoonpress.com

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